for our neighbors, our nations, our generations

GO BOLD is a strategic discipleship journey for those committed to the mission and vision of Grace Alive to further our Gospel impact to our neighbors, nations, and generations.

Our Vision

As we take this journey together, we want to hover around one main question. What happens when courageous faith connects with a mighty God? We firmly believe if we GO BOLD it will move everyone in Grace Alive from casually consuming to boldly contributing. In faith, we are praying everyone has an encounter with Jesus. Here is the truth: every catalytic moment in the spread of the Kingdom started because someone was BOLD enough to trust a mighty God to do the impossible.

In this discipleship journey, God will increase our generosity to advance His mission. We are hoping to glorify God with a BOLD vision and see 100% engagement from our pivotal partners. As a result, we believe God has given us $2M of ministry over the next two years.

Our Goals

To Glorify God

(If your vision doesn’t scare you then it probably belittles God) We want to take a step of faith that takes our credibility out of the equation and repositions all Glory back to God.

100% Participation

We believe asking this question is going to throw us into the way of Jesus and as a result make us BOLD to pursue God’s mission in Orlando and to the Nations. However, we have to do this together. We want to move everyone from casually consuming to boldly contributing. We want to move every person from the sidelines to the frontlines.

2 Million

over two years


Orlando is considered a highly unchurched and dechurched region. As a result, we want to help more  people discover a relationship with Christ by expanding our outreach initiatives, fueling more  evangelism, and ultimately establishing a permanent  facility that communicates excellence and stability. We will be expanding into the former Edgewater Library  with a grand opening in 2020.



This beautiful city is also one of the most diverse cities  in the nation and, of course, the most visited city in  America. God has shown us we must send our people  to the nations but the nations are also being sent to  Orlando. During GO BOLD, we believe an increase in generosity will help us partner with more international  missionaries, establish short-term mission trips, and strategically expand our multi-ethnic vision in  Orlando.

GOAL: 400k


We believe it is the responsibility of every generation to reach the next generation for Jesus Christ. GO BOLD  will position Grace Alive to aggressively multiply our  kids’ ministry, fund a flourishing college ministry, and launch a student ministry.

GOAL: 600k

My Two-Year Generosity Commitment

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